petek, 26. september 2014


Since my senior year at college it's just around the corner, I decided to do a post about home office space. I study interior design, so I like that place where I spend most of my time to do college work looks as good and nice as also functional, with lots of natural light and of course enough space on the desk.

Here are some basic guidelines for ideal environment that encourages creativity and productivity :

1. NATURAL LIGHT (It's one of the most important factors, it reduces eyestrain, headaches and       fatigue)
2. GOOD USE OF SPACE (Get extra shelves and drawers that will provide for better organization of all important documents and office supplies.)
3. GOOD CHAIR (You can invest in a good ergonomic chair or an ordinary chair just incase with a comfortable cushion, just make sure that your torso is upright in a straight line,)
4. PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE (Think about the color, materials, decorations, which will be used, such as. photographs, books, souvenirs. Studies have shown that a pleasant atmosphere in the workroom can be given by plants, so don't hesitate to buy some.)
5.KEEP YOURSELF IN MIND (don't forget about your ideas and wishes, it really doesn't matter what kind of work do you do, adjust your work place so you'll feel comfortable.)

In my next post I'll show you my home office space, till then I leave you with some inspiration...


torek, 23. september 2014

1st Autumn day

ponedeljek, 22. september 2014


This post is a little bit different from the others, I wanted something different, so I used this filter and I think that pictures go more with the whole style I did for this post. I wanted 70's vibes, that's why I was wearing vintage vest and hat and paired them with my new ankle boots, which are by the way, sooo comfortable and before I bought them I literally had a dream that I already had them and I was totally disappointed when I woke up that morning and realize that that were just a dream...hahah fun fact right, anyway I  own them now and I love them and I want to wear them all the time!!

That's all for now, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think. :)

P.S. did you notice that I got a haircut? It's not a drastic change but I really needed something   different and my hair were also very damaged, so I basically just shortened them and that's all.
But change is a change although it's not a big one.

 I'm wearing:
Vintage hat, vest and t-shirt.
H&M purse and skinny jeans.
Pittarello ankle boots (new collection).

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nedelja, 21. september 2014


Part 2 of my blog post from vacation is about military fort, which we visited during our vacation. It's located about half an hour from where we're hanging most of our days on the beach.  I love to visit abandoned places such as this fort, where you really get feeling that time has somehow stopped. This military fort is really big and scary on the inside, but the view from the top it's amazing.

I was wearing this dress from H&M with chucks, which was a good decision because I would broke my toes if I would wore sandals because of our path through rocky beach. 
And with this post I'm saying goodbye to the summer and hello to the autumn! :)

That's it for now, enjoy your Sunday!


petek, 19. september 2014


Although summer is almost over (like it has even started this year!?) I always took vacation in the end of August and this year was no exception, we only had 2 rainy days and the rest of vacation was sunny and warm. We really had a good time.

 I will do this post in 2 parts. This part or part 1 is located by the see and under the pine trees and I chose to wear denim on denim and I brighten it up with colorfull details and also my new Ray Ban Clubmaster sunnies are making a debut here. I'm totally in love with them. :)

About my lack of posts on blog this summer...what can I say? Crazy weather, too much college work all through the summer, lack of fashion inspiration, and a few other stuff too. So I really hope that autumn will bring not only beautiful colours but also some inspiration for me too. 

Have an amazing Friday everyone!

Photos by Kaja G.

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