četrtek, 05. november 2015


After a long break from blogging...(if you visited my blog site this past summer, you could've seen that there was nothing new since May. I did not post any summer outfits, not a single picture from my seaside vacation which was pretty awesome this year, like road trip to Dubrovnik where I've never been before, and so much more... I have a lots of pictures of this summer but I just didn't feel like posting it here, on my blog, they are for me, memories of a beautiful hot summer that we had)...this post seems like perfect comeback. So this Halloween I went as an evil clown, and like every year we went out to party and had a great night.

So...any thoughts? What was your Halloween mask this year?

Have fun!

and of course I carved pumpkins, it's a must!

(some photos were taken at my place, some at friend's place, right before we went out and already had some alcohol in our blood, hehe :) )

ponedeljek, 11. maj 2015


Sunday trip to Klagenfurt (Celovec) was pretty awesome. First stop was at Worthersee (Vrbsko jezero) and the we head to the Pyramidenkogel, a mountain which is located to the south of  the Worthersee. On top of the mountain is a Pyramidenkogel tower, with height of 100m and made out of wood and steel and it is the tallest wooden observation tower in the world. They built it in 2013. It has around 400 stairs, you also can go with the lift but we rather walked the stairs. And when you go down, you can go with a slide. So, on top of the tower, on height of 70m it's so scary, my legs were shaking, and I almost didn't manage to be photographed by the fence.

So that's it for now...have a great week.

petek, 01. maj 2015


After a while I made another collage, this time for month of May.

četrtek, 30. april 2015


Blooming field full of yellow flowers was perfect location to shoot this kimono I borrowed from my cousin. I need to buy one for myself ASAP :)
I love it because it gives you that boho feeling with it's loose style and fringes. I combined it with pair of ripped black jeans, diy cut out shirt (same here), slip-on sneakers and my brand new faux leather backpack, which I was searching for a while here in Slovenia, but I didn't found one that's all black and had this classic look, so I ordered it on Ebay, and I couldn't be more satisfied with it.

So what do you think?

I'm wearing:
C&A Kimono (belongs to my cousin),
DIY cut out old shirt,
H&M jeans and shirt,
Stradivarius slip-on sneakers,
Ebay faux leather backpack.

torek, 28. april 2015


torek, 21. april 2015


"Closet full of clothes and I have nothing to wear" I had one of those days over the weekend, but I found a quick solution in my brothers closet. I borrowed his flannel shirt, and wore with jeans, red lipstick and a hat. 

I'm wearing:
DCshoes flannel shirt,
H&M jeans,
Vintage hat,
Pittarello ankle boots

petek, 17. april 2015


What do you do on cold, windy day like today? I think about warm and sunny days, like that one we had over the weekend. We went to Izola and Koper, visit some friends, drank coffee, eat some seefood and snap a few pictures ofcourse. 

I was wearing:
ONLY denim jacket (I added studs on the collar),
H&M top and pants,
Converse sneakers,
vintage backpack.