torek, 01. april 2014


In my previous post I showed you collage that I made and which was also an inspiration for my Saturday look that I wore to the exhibition of dinosaurs in Arburetum Volčji Potok. 
The main character was ofcourse vintage silk t-shirt, that couldn't wait to be worn after spending cold months in closet. I combine it with boyfriend ripped jeans and white converse and enriched the whole outfit with some metal around my neck and on my bag.

What about the dinosaurs? They're so cool! Big, small, some are making noises and even move, they were all around and you relly get a feeling that you're in Jurassic park ;)
(If you decide to visit that exhibition I advise you to go during the week, because on the weekend this place is crowded as hell...just sayin')

Till next time....


I'm wearing:
Vintage silk t-shirt and necklace,
boyfirend ripped jeans ONLY,
Studded bag from MASS,

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četrtek, 20. marec 2014


Sunday getaway to one of the oldest cities in Slovenia.
 Good lunch. Walk through old town. Castle. Coffee. Lake.

As you can see I'm wearing almost all black, but to break that darkness I'm also wearing new vinatage shirt, with very tropical pattern, although you can't see it really good.

torek, 04. marec 2014


This year me and my friend decide to go as Roy Lichtenstein's Pop Art. We did the make up and the sign which was not really Pop artish and was more like bitchy and egoistic. We had fun and people really didn't recognize us and that's the whole point of masquerade, don't you think?

pics from me and Martin Štamcar


ponedeljek, 24. februar 2014


Hello everyone, finally new post, right? 
Well, after few weeks of real winter and heavy rain, sun came at last. And the best way to spend sunny day is to go to the seaside and enjoy it to the fullest.
Piran is beautiful little town by the sea, with small harbor and full of small narrow streets. On the top of old town on the cape is a huge church and from there you can see the whole town and sea all around. 
It was a great day with beautiful sunset and perfect to wear Converse Allstar and ripped jeans, which I wear with striped shirt to give the whole outfit a marine touch.

Have a great monday!

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četrtek, 23. januar 2014


I've always been and still am a big fan of Lily Allen. I love her music and lyrics, they're just so true, no matter about what's she singing, she has balls to say things that many others don't. 

Two days ago at PFW/HC was Chanel show and she showed there, dressed in Chanel from head to toe, looking gorgeous and she was instantly crowned as queen of front row.
 I must say I of course adore the coat and this season new handbag that she wore and I could not pass the accessories- custome earring and that bow headband!

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