četrtek, 28. julij 2011


četrtek, 21. julij 2011


Vogue Paris August 2011

torek, 19. julij 2011


sorry for blurry photos :)


Me and my boyfriend went to Lošinj in Croatia, to my cousin and her boyfriend for a few days. We had great time. It was sunny and almost too hot. Then we came home and on friday went to the sea side again, this time with 2 friends. We were in Koper, but it was more of a drinking  than swimming in the sea and lay on the sun, but it was cool anyway :)

petek, 08. julij 2011


This is my boyfriends  few months old cat, well actually it's present for his sister, but she's in Finland since last July and she's coming home soon and will be thrilled to have this little playful cat. It's so cute that you immediatley forgot that he's biting you and scratching with little claws too much. Here's few pics I made with my cell phone, when he was playing with my bag and then feel asleep on my chest :)

nedelja, 03. julij 2011


On friday the first we went to Rock Otočec on concert of Guano Apes. It was so amazing but it was over too fast :) I was in front row so I did see everything, it was also raining but that didn't stop anyone from having awsome time at that concert, best I've ever been so far. Anyway we had a great time and I would do it again!! GUANO APES ROCK!!
Here are some pictures from Rock Otočec and  movie I shoot, but the quality isn't really good, and ofcourse everything it's shaking be cause of the dancing and shouting and being totally ecstatic :)