petek, 31. avgust 2012


It looks like summer is really saying sad...I wish it could be summer all year, I hate cold weather and everything with it, but on the other hand, I love autumn fashion. Jackets and coats, boots of all kind, woolen sweaters, layering, scarfs, beanies, darker colours... but it takes too long, 6months of cold is waaay to long. Well we can't do anything so we must face it, that that's just the way it is, and it's gonna be OK.

Here are my summer memories in was the best summer so far :)

this pictures were taken with underwater camera

my cousin :)
my cat

lake Bohinj


breakfast very early in the morning in Kranjska Gora

  Picnic time

 birthday presents I made for my uncle and aunt (pillow is for aunt and muffins are for uncle :))

 early in the morning, excited to go on vacation to the sea :)

mojito & pina colada

my dog :)

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS CONCERT's over. I mean, over was more than 30 hours ago, but still I have this feeling, like everything went by way too fast. I'm talking about the RHCP concert of course. It was soo crowded, around 35 000 people, I have tickets for fan pit, which is the place in front of the stage. At first people were sitting on the ground and so are we, but soon as English band named AAAK (As Able As Kane) who were opening act, start playing we moved in front of the stage and stayed there. After AAAK, there were special guest 2cellos and they played a few songs and for the last song, Chad Smith (drummer of RHCP) came on stage and played with these two cool is that?
And then after long hours, the clock was finally 21:30 and Red Hot Chili Peppers showed up on the stage and people went crazy of course and so did I :D They played for 2 hours and it was...I can't even put these feelings in words...magical, crazy, euphoric and of course memorable :D
In the end 2cellos came on the stage again and together with RHCP performed Californication, after that was final jam and that was that. The end.

So here are some pics and videos I made before, between and after the whole happening...enjoy...I most certanly did :)


the crowd behind me


AAAK guitarist (he shake my hand :))


 after the concert on way out

Videos of Red Hot Chili Peppers I made:

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

The ending of Rain Dance Maggie

Californication with 2cellos

sreda, 29. avgust 2012


Finally the day has come....the day that I'm going to the concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers yaaaay, I'm soo excited that I'm actually gonna see them in person and live listen to their music :D
I have tickets for concert since last December, so you must know how good does it feel that this day has came after loooong months.
I'm such a fan for a long long time that I even got new tattoo and it is RHCP logo :D

See ya when I come back from Zagreb...all euphoric :)

...and my outfit, from waist down, bleached shoes and shorts I made a while ago.

torek, 21. avgust 2012


Topshop dress
 H&M belt and bag
 Deichman shoes
 Bershka sunnies