četrtek, 20. oktober 2011


I'm little late with this post, but anyway....Last weekend was 1.tattoo convention in Slovenia. Me and Mohor also went but instead of Mohor's presentation as tattoo artist he present himself just as an artist, because his tattoo studio is not official yet....
So we spend 2 cool days in Celje. We were most of our time at the exhibition place, but we were also running free around Celje, where we found some kind of abandoned cemetery, it was pretty scary but I love things like that :) We also went to the castle, and the look from the high tower on the city was great.

All artist

Mohor's showroom wall

 Work of artist Sebastjan Šeremet...

....his van

 Tattoo artist and also winner of best tattoo contest Dejan Marič

Piercing body with a needles and decorate it with feathers

Audrey Hepburn....I love this picture

This is the work of Tamaz Avalian from Tbilisi, Georgia. I absolutely love his work.

Some of Mohor's drawings he made during the convention

Python named Trubar was really attraction

 Abandoned cemetary

The castle

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