ponedeljek, 12. avgust 2013


Sunday afternoon. Nothng special to do, so we decided to take a short trip to the center of Slovenia-the geometric center of Slovenia, to be specific. After an hour's drive, we arrived to our destination, had coffee at local bar/restaurant, took a few photos of course, went to see fossil coast, which is not really a coast, but it used to be, like, hundreds of millions years ago and you can see fossils of shells... 
Our afternoon trip ended with a meal in chinese restaurant. Perfect Sunday, I think.


I'm wearing:
tight dress from H&M,
transparent military blouse from Kostn,
Pittarello shoes,
Vintage purse,
old belt,
wrist watch from Ebay,
Stradivarius sunnies. 

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  1. Ful hud outfit, sploh oblekica zraven pa bluza. (: