torek, 20. avgust 2013

CASTLES AND RIVERS if I continue where I stoped yesterday...
the castle Kostel was fun as I told you :) river Kolpa too and also a beautiful spring river of Krupa. Our trip ended with a late lunc at the great restaurant in Trebnje with really good food and nice owner. 

castle Kostel (inside and the ruins)

spring river of Krupa

ponedeljek, 19. avgust 2013


My weekend was pretty amazing, we took a trip to south of Slovenia for 2 days, we visited few castles-this is our thing, we love castles, (most fun was the one that isn't even open due to remodeling but we managed to get in climbing over the fence and up the hill and went in through little window, hehe).
 We were in the land of forests-Kočevje, where we also stay for the night. It's pretty cool town, with wooden bears all over, river coverd with water lilies, amazing mighty church, the lake and the bar Ribič next to the lake where we sat on the porch for a few hours, drink and watch the lake...pretty romantc, right? be continued...

Turjak castle


by the lake in Kočevje

I almost forget to mention: the backpack that you see on the pictures above is from Egypt and I bought it at garage sale in Škofja loka just befor our little trip started. I loove it, the colors, the print...everything about it, and it's big enough for all my things that I carry around :)

ponedeljek, 12. avgust 2013


Sunday afternoon. Nothng special to do, so we decided to take a short trip to the center of Slovenia-the geometric center of Slovenia, to be specific. After an hour's drive, we arrived to our destination, had coffee at local bar/restaurant, took a few photos of course, went to see fossil coast, which is not really a coast, but it used to be, like, hundreds of millions years ago and you can see fossils of shells... 
Our afternoon trip ended with a meal in chinese restaurant. Perfect Sunday, I think.


I'm wearing:
tight dress from H&M,
transparent military blouse from Kostn,
Pittarello shoes,
Vintage purse,
old belt,
wrist watch from Ebay,
Stradivarius sunnies. 

sreda, 07. avgust 2013


I'm wearing:
new shirt/dress from Kostn,
Nama sunnies,
C&A belt,
Deichmann sandals