sobota, 19. februar 2011


My room is painted in 2 red and 2 white walls, but i get so bored, watching that big white wall, so i decided to paint it. And as my boyfriend is an artist it was so much more easier.
I wanted my wall looks like expensive apartment on fifth avenue, and add a lines of bricks into that  frame.
We have fun doing it and the final result is amazing, i looove it.
See for your self :)

Mohor is drawing the lines...


one third of job is done

final result
close up

mirror effect

četrtek, 10. februar 2011


sreda, 09. februar 2011


Some shots of nature and me that my boyfriend made.
He's an artist, you check his work here.


Today my mom made a delicious dessert Kremšnita. It's made of pudding, cream and pastry leaves....mmmmm

                                                 making of Kremšnita, lots of cream :)

                                                                  final result

torek, 08. februar 2011



I always get so inspired when i look at models off duty. Each one of them have unique and interesting style, that i adore. Here are just few of them for this week.


So, i was in hospital for a few days…had small operation,everything it’s fine, but now when i finally came home i feel much much better, exept that i’ll be lying and resting for a 2 hole weeks and do nothing, that’s sounds sooo boring, but in the end it’ll be good for me :)
i found few pictures that remind me on hospital…lots of whiteness and brightness….:)