torek, 17. december 2013


In these cold December days we almost can't avoid warm and cozy knitted sweaters, socks or beanies, at least I can't, especially socks (my feet are allways cold).
 My mom is knitting her whole life, she use to make everything for herself, from dresses to sweaters, everything. Now she's knitting less, but still, every year she make a few sweaters, lots of socks, beanies for me and my brother and other stuff. She tried to teach me to knit few times before, but I just don't have a patience. It's seems so easy when she does it, but when I's a whole other story :)  
So I will leave knitting to those who can and I will just enjoy wearing it.

It also look good for the interiors, don't you think?

pictures via Pinterest

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