ponedeljek, 11. maj 2015


Sunday trip to Klagenfurt (Celovec) was pretty awesome. First stop was at Worthersee (Vrbsko jezero) and the we head to the Pyramidenkogel, a mountain which is located to the south of  the Worthersee. On top of the mountain is a Pyramidenkogel tower, with height of 100m and made out of wood and steel and it is the tallest wooden observation tower in the world. They built it in 2013. It has around 400 stairs, you also can go with the lift but we rather walked the stairs. And when you go down, you can go with a slide. So, on top of the tower, on height of 70m it's so scary, my legs were shaking, and I almost didn't manage to be photographed by the fence.

So that's it for now...have a great week.

petek, 01. maj 2015


After a while I made another collage, this time for month of May.