petek, 28. junij 2013


I'm wearing:
Zara skirt,
Kostn top,
H&M blazer, bag and belt,
Princess shoes,
Nama shades.

sreda, 19. junij 2013


Quick post:
The shirt that I'm wearing, actually belongs to my boyfriend, but since it was pretty much beaten up and almost too short for him, he gave it to me :)
 I was dying over this tshirt for two weeks now, and now I have it! I did a litle cutting and... I have perfect summer shirt :)

(sorry for bad photos, I didn't bring camera with me so these are taken with my phone)

I'm wearing:
new/old cut ot shirt,
vintage necklace, bag and shorts,
Deichmann sandals,
sunnies from Nama.

ponedeljek, 17. junij 2013


Finally, summer days last :D aren't you glad? 

Shorts, t-shirt with holes, new vintage bag ( I bought it on Saturday in park Tabor, where was this event called Nostalgic Saturday...vintage & second hand clothes fair, and store where I work-Kostn, was also part of it and it was so much fun...), perfect for that kind of summerish day like it was yesterday, especially if on top of all you also have picnic :) 

What do you think about this daisy wreath on my head?
Friend Kaja made it for me out of daisies from our garden :)

I'm wearing:
Vintage shorts and bag,
old t-shirt,
Deichmann sandals,
H&M sunnies.

sreda, 05. junij 2013


Wedding...everything went smoothly, even the weather, yes, we had some rain, but it was mainly sunny so it was really perfect. This hippie van was our ride for the day and also wedding present for a day, from couple's friend. We were driving through Gorenjska and made several stops at different locations, but our last destination was medieval castle in Škofja loka, where wedding took place. It was magical day for everyone and especially for the bride and groom.

 As you know I was bride's witness and my dress was from Zara, shoes from Humanic and cardigan was made by my mom.