ponedeljek, 29. avgust 2011


I went to the last day of vintage weekend event in capital Ljubljana on friday and bought imitation of leader skirt, I <3 London T-shirt and black clutch bag. I was wearing my mom vintage dress which is very similar to the Julia Roberts dress in Pretty woman movie :) After litlle shooping we stroll around  the beautiful city...

Yesterday my grandma gave me 2 more black old purses, I was so happy, that now I've got 3 vintage clutch. It really was a vintage weekend.

Now I'm off to the seaside for one week once again :D It'll be perfect ending of summer.

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Exactly the same dress that I have only in apricot and white, it's from My Michelle

The purses that grandma gave me...

...and the best shoes of summer I wore...

6 komentarji:

  1. I love this dress!! I love Polka Dots!
    great look :)

  2. Obleka ti suuuper paše in res je noro lepa <3

    lep nakup, meni je tako žal da sm zamudila ta event :/ torbica je <3

  3. Ej - ENKRATNO!!! :D Use kar si dobila na vintage vikendu, pa pikasta obleka...res love love love. <3

    Pa uživaj na morju! :)

  4. hvala :D morje je blo pa zakon :D

  5. i soooo love polka-dots! pretty dress! :)