sobota, 30. junij 2012


Vintage dress, Humanic shoes, H&M belt and bag.

sobota, 23. junij 2012


Lindsey Wixson by Tim Walker

Looove it!!

torek, 19. junij 2012


I made these pillows for my friend and for my cousin birthdays. I bought pillows, textile colors and material to made a suit for pillow. I also made another one for my friends mom but forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll post it another time :) Here they are, what do you think?

ponedeljek, 18. junij 2012


Perfect day to go to the seaside, but it would be even more perfect if we'd bring swimwear with us, hahhaha, I thought that sea isn't enough warm yet, but I guess I was wrong, everybody was happily swimming in the sea. Well, I'll just wait till next trip to the seaside and swim then :) I have great time anyway :)
On our way back, we found some kind of cave which was soo beautiful, and hang around for a bit.



Wearing H&M blouse, Zara skinny jeans, Pim Kie bag, Bershka sunglasses, Humanic shoes.

sobota, 16. junij 2012


Yesterday me and my friend went to Škofja Loka on concert of band Zmelkoow.
After a long time I really danced my ass off, it was crazy... We even went on stage and danced around the band hahahah :D
I was wearing new skirt that me and my mom made, and I just love it :D