sobota, 04. junij 2011


Today we went to the lake Bohinj, where in the summer we usually swimm and relax, at the moment the water is a bit to cold for swimming, but in few weeks it'll be perfect. We also went to lunch in local restaurant, and I ate spaghetti with chicken and curry and Mohor ate tunna salad with tatar sauce. Few pictures of beautiful day:

I'm wearing shirt and pullover from Zara, blazer and bag from H&M and my old beat up pants :)

2 komentarji:

  1. Hvala za komentar! :) Tut meni je všeč tvoj blog in mislim, da si sigurno zasluži več bralcev.

    Te bom dodala v novi post, da te najdejo še drugi. :)
    Lep preostanek vikenda!

  2. hud outfit in lepe fotke :) sm vesela da sm te našla pri NiniS!