nedelja, 03. julij 2011


On friday the first we went to Rock Otočec on concert of Guano Apes. It was so amazing but it was over too fast :) I was in front row so I did see everything, it was also raining but that didn't stop anyone from having awsome time at that concert, best I've ever been so far. Anyway we had a great time and I would do it again!! GUANO APES ROCK!!
Here are some pictures from Rock Otočec and  movie I shoot, but the quality isn't really good, and ofcourse everything it's shaking be cause of the dancing and shouting and being totally ecstatic :)

2 komentarji:

  1. O zakon! :) Js nism bla še nikoli na Rock Otočcu, pa smo že par let rekli, da bi lhako šli. Smo pa bli zdej pred kratkim na Gori Rocka. :D Super je blo!

  2. ja sj jst sm bla tud zdj prvič na rock otočcu in je blo res noro :D na gori rocka pa še nism bla.