petek, 28. oktober 2011


 H&M has teamed up with Trish Summerville, the costume designer for Hollywood’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film, to create a clothing collection inspired by the Lisbeth Salander character. The film, which takes place in Sweden, is based on the insanely popular book by the late Swedish writer, Stieg Larsson, and H&M is Sweden’s most famous fashion brand so the combination seems like a no-brainer.
Salander is a tough girl with tons of piercings and a motorcycle-rock-chick style. The toned down version of her look should be highly covetable as interpreted by Summerville and the team at H&M. Forum members are already excited about what they see.
The collection will launch exclusively at Colette in Paris on November 28 before being released to 180 H&M stores around the world on December 14.

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