sobota, 12. november 2011


In Slovenia, each year we have competition for Naomi Girl (based on Naomi Campbell perfumes). This year I signed up for competition and on my surprise I was picked between around 100 girls to final 8 girls. We have our first presentation on Thursday 10.11.2011 in Ljubljana's City park (mall). It was so much fun. Me and girls were wearing clothes from Marks & Spencer and our make up and hair were done by Max Factor team. Each girl had photoshoot with photographer Aleksander Štokelj. We also have been photographed in white Naomi t-shirts and our own jeans and with Naomi perfumes. For this competition will be voting and then one of us 8 girls will became Naomi Girl 2011 :) The price is contract with model agency Model Group, presentation in Cosmopolitan and brand new car.
 This day couldn't be more exited, but then when everything was over with competition for Naomi Girl, a woman came to us and asked us if we have time to walk the runway for fashion show she was organizing. Of course we were thrilled to be part of real fashion show and go with her right away. The show was about wedding and evening dresses and it happens in Crystal palace in Ljubljana (Fashion Show at the most beautiful dream). They done our make up and hair all over again, and the chaos in backstage was exactly what I was always thought it would be :) My heels were so high and I was only hoping not to fall...and I didn't. Everything went smoothly and I was so exited to be part of this for the first time.
It was amazing. See for yourself ;)

Here is link to more photos of Naomi Girl:

Fashion Show at the most beautiful dream


Photography by Matej Svoljšak

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