sobota, 18. avgust 2012


On our fourth day we went to Cape Kamenjak (I was there many times befor, but our friends were there for the first time). We enjoy the Safari bar and all fun devices around, I felt like a child again when I went to this device made of wood and metal and it looks like hamster wheel and you must run in it, but it's not so easy as it looks, I was falling around all the time :D
I need to tell you what happens to our friends when they went snorkeling...they saw Mediterranean bear (it's similar to seal only bigger) :o they were shocked of course, because they didn't expect anything else but fishes and crabs, they went out of water immediately and tell the story, then I went snorkeling and bring underwater camera with me in hope that I'll see this Mediterranean bear and take a picture of it, but it has gone already. For other underwater photos you'll have to wait few days :)
For the dinner we went to Pula in local restaurant, I ordered a pizza (I'm not really  fond of sea food), Mohor, Daša and Drejc order sea plate.
Our fifth day was nothing special, laying on the beach, drinking, eating, playing rummy,...but in the evening I went on trampoline :) I wasn't jumping on trampoline since I was a kid, so this was really fun and really exhausted. In the pictures below it looks like I'm on fire hahahah :D

Cape Kamenjak

 Daša with polaroid camera

 Hamster wheel

It looks like I'm surfing :)

  (the stain on my shirt is becaouse my swimsuit are not dry yet)


Drakula lives here?? :D


sooo tired

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