ponedeljek, 10. september 2012


Yesterday was perfect day for a trip, it was warm and sunny, almost like summer :)
First we went to Cerklje na Gorenjskem to visit some friends (the bike below is from my very good friend Maja, and I simply had to take it for a spin and I loved it). Then we went to Krvavec, we take cable car to get on top and then we walk up the hill to hotels and restaurants. I saw these three little kittens and I just want to take them with me, they were so adorable :)
Next stop was town Kamnik, where we had delicious lunch and went to Old Castel, which is totally in ruins, but the view was great. (I changed my shoes from converse to wedge sneakers, be cause sportish part of the day was over...thanks god :))
Our last stop was lake Zbilje (been there hundred times but anyway we decided to went there for a drink), it was cool and fun and so was the whole trip :)

Maja's bike


Cable car on our way up to Krvavec

almost on top of Krvavec :)

little kittens :)

on our way down in cable car

Ruins of Old Castle


I'm wearing:
Vintage blouse
black shorts
H&M bag
Converse sneakers
Wedge sneakers
Sunnies were gift from my cousin.

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