nedelja, 06. januar 2013


I visited Lunapark in capital Ljubljana on December 31st, right befor we went to the seaside for New Year's eve. I only went on two "rides" because other things were kind of lame or at least I'm a little bit too old for these other things. So I went on this thing called Booster max xxl and it was totally insane, literally (I want it on my backyard!). You must try it next time when Lunapark'll be here again. The other ride was great too, but not as much as Booster hehhhe. So here are some pics from this fun fun fun afternoon and of cours my outfit - you can see I'm wearing new knitted stockings that my mom made :)

I'm wearing:
Zara skirt, sweater and scarf,
H&M tights,
New Yorker bag,
Vintage Faux fur coat,
home made stockings,
Dr.Martens boots

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  1. Great post. You look great!
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