četrtek, 12. september 2013


Hello again, it's been a long time since my last post, and only because I was on my summer vacation at the seaside that started (I can't even belive) on 30th August and ended past weekend. 

I had a blast of course... sea, hot weather, great company, late night drinking and playing cards, lots of laughter, delicious food, except for that two days when I got sick, but otherwise it was great!

I wasn't really in the mood of having photoshoots, but I did manage to take few pictures of two stylings. And another thing that I'm working on is video which I must put together and it's shoot mainly under water....so I hope it will turn out good.

For now I leave you with this pictures....

I'm wearing:
OFF! cap,
H&M skirt and shirt,
vintage purse,
Converse shoes.

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