torek, 15. oktober 2013


Helloo everybody, after a while I'm back with a new post and it's of course dedicated to Slovenian Fashion Week, which started yesterday on 14th October.
For the first time I had a chance to go to FW and I can't tell you how excited I was, or I still am, because there's two more days of fashion shows to attend, yeeeey :)

 But first things first, yesterday we saw creations of M*Faganel, Ivan Rocco, Sofia Nogard-my top of the top of day 1, and also Urša Drofenik, Maja Štamol and Irena Funduk Fashion.

I also had a chance to meet two fellow blogers, Ana Marija from Stardust&Roses and Manca from Mancinas style spot. and they are such a great girls and it was really nice to meet them.



Sofia Nogard

Ivan Rocco

With Manca

With AnaMarija

I was wearing:
VeroModa dress,
Sheinside Coat,
TallyWeijl necklace.

If you want to see more pictures straight from the FW follow me on Instagram or on my FB page .

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