četrtek, 05. december 2013


Hello everybody! I'm sorry for lack of posts on my blog, but lately I had some medical problems, which thankfully, ended due to antibiotics. My birthday was nearly two weeks ago and I couldn't even celebrate it properly, but you know, you can't always win and had it your way, and it sucks even more if you're like me around your birthday, all excited, bugging people that there's only x day till your b-day and so on, basically you act crazy, or at least I do, and then when the DAY came, you get sick so bad that you're at the doctors and feel sorry for yourself and thinking why this is happening too you.....but I'm glad that't I have such a great family, bf and friends around me, who cares and brings me up, when I'm down. So in the end everything was great, we had awesome party (no alcohol for me), and the most important...I was happy and still am.

So now I'm back on track, starting with this lovely plaid dress, which was b-day present from me to me and I of course love this lately ultra fashionable plaid pattern and transparent sleeves. And because we're having such a great sunny weather these days I had to had this photoshooting on the sun, I was little cold, but I suck it up and do it like a pro :P

Have a great day!


I'm wearing:
C&A plaid dress,
H&M tights,
Silver necklace with my name,
Dr.Martens shoes.

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