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Hello everybody! This weekend was really special for me and my bf, we had our 4th anniversary, and we spent it in Opatija in Istria. I was allways fan of this little town by the sea, especially because of its amazing architecture. We were staying in beautiful hotel Bristol, where we were also relaxing in spa and of course eat too much delicious food.
 And since we both love road trips, we didn't go straight home but went on the other side of Istria to Rovinj, but about that in my next post. So stay tuned, and have great start of week.

Here are pics from our first and second day and also few from our hotel.

First day I was wearing:
Calvin Klein shirt and Hard Rock bracelet (gifts from my bff from LA),
Sweater from Kostn,
PimKie pants,
TomTaylor scarf,
Bershka ankle boots,
TallyWejl coat.

on second day I again couldn't resist black, so I was wearing pretty much the same outfit except for:
Vintage faux leather skirt,
Calzedonia tights,
burgundy lipstick.

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