torek, 01. april 2014


In my previous post I showed you collage that I made and which was also an inspiration for my Saturday look that I wore to the exhibition of dinosaurs in Arburetum Volčji Potok. 
The main character was ofcourse vintage silk t-shirt, that couldn't wait to be worn after spending cold months in closet. I combine it with boyfriend ripped jeans and white converse and enriched the whole outfit with some metal around my neck and on my bag.

What about the dinosaurs? They're so cool! Big, small, some are making noises and even move, they were all around and you relly get a feeling that you're in Jurassic park ;)
(If you decide to visit that exhibition I advise you to go during the week, because on the weekend this place is crowded as hell...just sayin')

Till next time....


I'm wearing:
Vintage silk t-shirt and necklace,
boyfirend ripped jeans ONLY,
Studded bag from MASS,

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2 komentarji:

  1. krasne slikice in outfit! :))
    jaz sem v soboto tudi bila s fantom tukaj, pa sva mela srečo, da sva prišla bolj zgodaj, ko še ni bilo take gužve..ravno, ko sva odhajala ven, pa se je park kar precej začel polnit..

    je pa res posebno vzdušje, sploh tile premikajoči dinozavri so zelo zanimivi..midva sva bla čisto navdušena. :))

    1. ja pol sta res imela srečo, ker midva sva bila pa popoldne in je bla res ful gužva :) tud nama je blo noro hehe :D