četrtek, 19. maj 2011

19.may - my best friend birthday

Today my best friend have 20th birthday. Me and my boyfriend bought  her second hand city bike :) she was sooo happy, cuz she didn't have a clue that she'll get something like that, and she wanted that kind of bike for quite long time. Then we went to a cafe for an ice coffee and then we decided to go to grocery and buy some wine and go celebrate end of "teenage life". When we drink wine, we usually buy white wine called Janževec, it's the best, but with that you also must buy green bubbly juice-Ora, and then mix it up together and you get super-duper drink :D When we ran out of wine, we went to grocery again and bought champagne and go to a friend's apartment and drink some more :)
The main party for her b-day will be on saturday, but for now, here are some photos of that funny, sunny and a bit drunken cool day :)

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