torek, 28. oktober 2014


As I promised in my previous is my home office space...

As you can see my wall has a brick pattern painted in red, which me and my boyfriend made and you can see how we did it here. I hate plain white walls so this pattern is perfect. 
On my desk, which is btw made by my dad, you can find a lots of differnt pencils, markers, brushes, crayons, rulers, glues, sketchbooks, ispirational magazines and books, some souvenirs and stuff like that which already serve as decoration, you just need to put it on the right place.
On the left side I have wardrobe (the back it's pretty worn out) which serves as barrier, so the office space is more private. The back of the wardrobe it's white and I enriched it whit round mirror, which optically make space bigger. There's also a painting, a bag and a model of some house (college stuff).

That's pretty much it, let me know what you think :)
Till next time...

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