nedelja, 01. marec 2015


Hello there, how you all doin' on that 1st of March? The smell of spring is already in the air, don't you think? 
As you'll see those photos are different than the others, more artistic with black and white filter and it's a funny story behind it. As you see I'm wearing black beanie with white inscription on it that says GONE. Well I had that beanie since last year, but I didn't wear it a lot, and in the last few weeks I kind of attached to it. So this was the first that I use it for a photoshoot and guess what happend few hours later? Well, I lost it and now it's gone. It's kind of ironic, I mean it was written all over that one day it will be gone, and now it really is :) So that's why I decided to do this post in b/w and named it after my long gone beanie :)

Hope you like it and have a great Sunday.

I'm wearing:
TallyWeijl beanie,
vintage cardigan and transparent shirtdress,
H&M skinny jeans
Dr. Martens boots.

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