ponedeljek, 22. september 2014


This post is a little bit different from the others, I wanted something different, so I used this filter and I think that pictures go more with the whole style I did for this post. I wanted 70's vibes, that's why I was wearing vintage vest and hat and paired them with my new ankle boots, which are by the way, sooo comfortable and before I bought them I literally had a dream that I already had them and I was totally disappointed when I woke up that morning and realize that that were just a dream...hahah fun fact right, anyway I  own them now and I love them and I want to wear them all the time!!

That's all for now, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think. :)

P.S. did you notice that I got a haircut? It's not a drastic change but I really needed something   different and my hair were also very damaged, so I basically just shortened them and that's all.
But change is a change although it's not a big one.

 I'm wearing:
Vintage hat, vest and t-shirt.
H&M purse and skinny jeans.
Pittarello ankle boots (new collection).

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